1. One password for many websites
You do not need to remember tens of usernames and passwords for various websites. You will only use a single username and password which will allow you to log in to your favourite websites from any computer or mobile phone. Your Internet life will now be much easier.
Example: You use one account for your e-mail service, then you have to remember your login details for several e-shops, and for your favourite Internet forum or message board you need another username and password. Once the mojeID service is implemented for all these services, you will log in with only a single username and password. You will simply log in via the mojeID service.

2. Private data under control
Are you tired of changing your e-mail address at several web servers? Do you have a new e-mail address? Now, you only need to change these data once - mojeID will make sure that your favourite websites have all your important data updated with every log-in.
You can set your data you want to share with various service providers via the mojeID service.
Example: When you start using a new e-mail address, you need to change your user profiles at several servers or maybe tens of servers. This is to make sure the news, confirming e-mails, etc. from various Internet services always reach you. With mojeID you only need to change your e-mail address once. All the other pages will automatically update as soon as you log in to them.

3. Safer log-in
If you use tens of passwords, you probably keep track of them. At the worst, you keep them written on a piece of paper which may be stolen or otherwise misused. With mojeID you will not need these passwords. mojeID supports other more secure login methods than plain password. Digital certificates are supported and one time passwords support is planned for future versions.
Example: In case you do not consider plain password login to be secure it is possible to use other login methods. You can select login method each time you login.